Photo taken by Ollie Harrop at The Slow Art Of Bread, Delfina Foundation


Moonji’s mission is to bring more diversity to the world of ice cream and to the wider health-conscious movement. We bridge eastern flavours with plant-based ingredients to do exactly this. We’re the UK’s first ever Ayurvedic inspired ice cream brand, and we love creating ice cream that is a unique balance of indulgence and nourishment. Our ice cream is made from an infusion of adaptogenic spices and superfoods, that not only tastes heavenly, but also has incredible health benefits.

We are committed to taking a holistic approach to the health and well-being of people and planet. Moonji is proud to be part of the global movement advocating food for pleasure, health and sustainability.

So, we invite you to uncover a new perspective on ice cream, by giving yourself some spice and time with Moonji, a scoop with a source of well-being!

100% plant-based
Our base is nut free & gluten free
Dairy free
Refined sugar free
Additive and preservative free

Photo taken by Diana Patient at Chef's Manifesto, Omved Gardens


Moonji was founded by Abilasha in 2018, shortly after returning from a 6-month backpacking trip journeying across Latin America. Whilst away, Abi found herself developing a new connection to her own north Indian heritage, and in particular to the foods and flavours that she grew up with that reminded her of home in the UK, where she grew up in a household that celebrated an array of healthy foods and spices.

During her stays with Latin friends, she cooked Indian food with local vegetables and spices as a way of satisfying her cravings for the tastes that she missed. Many of those that she cooked for had never tried authentic Indian food, and their enthusiasm gave her a fresh appreciation for the unique spice blends and infusions that were so familiar to her. Most of all, it was the simple experience of sharing what she loved that gave her the inspiration for a business where she could do just this.

Meanwhile, Abi’s interest in Ayurveda and the health benefits of spices and superfoods developed at university. While experiencing burnout and exhaustion from a challenging course and student lifestyle, she turned to cooking as a healing and restorative ritual. Making a simple chai, or golden mylk became her way of de-stressing and calming during times when she needed physical nourishment. After completing her Physics degree, her interest and passion for Ayurveda, adaptogens and moon mylks deepened and have become the foundation for Moonji’s unique recipes.